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Solutions for Landlords

Affordable Broadband for Multi-Tenant Buildings

Dojo Networks has worked closely with landlords and building owners to deliver broadband Internet service to their tenants. We understand the unique requirements of multi-tenant buildings, and we are uniquely qualified to deliver solutions that meet the needs of tenants and landlords.

Internet for Your Tenants

Dojo Networks provides property managers and developers a lower cost, higher service level alternative to other high-speed Internet providers. Our service is completely managed, monitored, and maintained by Dojo Networks. Your residents will receive substantial benefits, your properties will provide a meaningful and highly-sought amenity, and your rental managers will not be burdened with any support related requirements.

Your residents will benefit from:

  • Lower cost (or no cost if provided as a free amenity) high-speed Internet service
  • 24×7 customer support managed by Dojo Networks
  • WiFi access in common areas. Free access to theDojo Networks WiFi system (in Downtown State College)
  • No requirement to engage in transactions with traditional providers

Property Managers and Developers benefit from:

  • Flexible models for high-speed Internet deployment that align with the business models of your organization and your individual properties
  • Justification for higher rental rates
  • Increased resident satisfaction and referrals
  • Greater retention rates, lower turnover
  • Stronger marketability
  • Inexpensive amenity

Dojo Networks currently provides high-speed Internet services to many multi-family residences for rates up to half of what they were paying with traditional providers. We specialize in creative, flexible solutions for multi-family Community Developers and Property Management companies.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Our Solutions:

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Fiber based, Super High speed with 24 hour live phone and email support.


Robust, full-coverage wireless network that completely covers your building or your campus.


Bandwidth utilization & trouble ticket reports.

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