If you live in a building that has property managed WiFi, not only do you not need a router, routers are not allowed and will be blocked.  Below is a list of properties that have managed WiFi installed.

State College Managed WiFi Buildings

Bellaire Apts
Campus Tower
Carlton Apts
Centre Court
Cedar Lofts
Cedar Lofts East
College Avenue Apts
College Court
Collegiate Arms
The Edge
Fairmount Hill Apts
Foster Building
The Graham Building
Homerella Building
Laurel Terrace
Lexington House
Locust Lane Apts
Nicholas Towers
Nittany Garden Apts
Nittany View Apts
Old Boalsburg Road Apts
Park Hill Apts
Penn State Apts
Sutton Court
University Terrace
Waupelani Lofts

Westside Village
122 N. Gill Street
124 N. Gill Street
140 N. Gill Street
145 N. Gill Street
123 S. Gill Street
224 S. Barnard Street
226 S. Barnard Street
217-225 I Alley
125 Orange Alley
236 S. Atherton Street
238 S. Atherton Street
250 S. Atherton Street
252 S. Atherton Street
254 S. Atherton Street
519 W. College Avenue
616 W. College Avenue
619 W. College Avenue
622 W. College Avenue
623 W. College Avenue
633 W. College Avenue
639 W. College Avenue
623 Calder Alley
615 Clay Lane
111 N. Sparks Street
113 N. Sparks Street
127 N. Sparks Street
129 N. Sparks Street
131 N. Sparks Street
129 S. Sparks Street
132 S. Sparks Street
124 Thrush Alley

Bloomsburg Managed WiFi Buildings

35 E. Main Street
36 E. Main Street
40 E. Ridge Avenue
111 W. Main Street
250 Miller Avenue
500 Club
Glenn Ave Apts
Greystone Court Apts
Honeysuckle Apts
Iron Street Apts
Knapp Ave Apts
Light Street Apts