Project Description

This is an income restricted garden style property with 12 buildings and 240 apartment units with 960 beds.  The property is a mix of family, grad student and undergraduate student housing.

The Problem

The property wanted to provide internet as an amenity to its residents. When evaluating their budget it was determined that due to the vicinity of the parking lots to the buildings and the fact that all infrastructure was currently underground it would be too expensive to run buried fiber between the buildings.

DojoNetworks™ Solution

Our technicians took a unique approach and built a ring architecture with multi-gigabit millimeter wave radios and two multi-gigabit backbone feeds to the property which is a short distance from one of our fiber POPs. The internet feed to the property is completely redundant and diverse path to separate buildings. Each building has two backbone feeds due to the ring architecture. This all results in a very stable, very low latency network. Each building has its own network cabinet with a monitored battery backed up power system.

The Results

It’s been two years since this project was completed. Residents are enjoying 25Mbps standard and 25% have upgraded their speed providing income to the owners. Support calls to the property management team have been reduced to zero as all support is handled by DojoNetworks™. Our support time to answer a call is 45 seconds, has an 99.6% satisfaction rate and we are receiving .03 tickets per month. We are currently discussing upgrading this property to fully managed WiFi.

The Details

Garden Style Property • Brownfield – Existing Construction • State College, PA


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