About DojoNetworks™

We deliver high-quality fiber internet to MDU communities and campuses.

DojoNetworks™ has been delivering internet services since 1996. We may not have invented the internet, but we’ve been around since the early days. Yeah, take that Al Gore. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of communications and Internet services to tens of thousands of consumers and businesses located throughout the country.

We typically build fiber to a property and then install a high-quality on-premise network, either wired or troublefree WiFi or both depending on the building owners needs and desires. We work through the pros and cons of all of the options. And then what we install is a win-win in that the property owner makes margin and is able to offer a hands-off amenity at less than tenants can get it themselves, property owners earn a revenue share on any speed upgrades selected by tenants. The tenants benefit by getting an excellent service that is cheaper than the alternatives.

  • Increase your properties value
  • Increase your properties monthly revenue
  • Provide residents number one desired amenity
  • Earn more than you do from a Marketing Agreement
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We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Big Rewards for Our Customers.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Our Solutions:


Fiber based,
Super High speed with 24 hour live phone and email support.

Managed WiFi

Robust, full-coverage wireless network that completely covers your building or your campus.


& trouble
ticket reports.

We’re Here To Help

Through top of the line technology and professional support.