How Marketing Agreements Fail Owners

Why DojoNetworks™ Managed Internet Service Crushes Marketing Agreements

  • Better resident satisfaction, due to better support
  • Better resident retention due to Internet as an amenity
  • Property Wide WiFi Network
  • IoT Support
  • Guest WiFi Network
  • You make 3x the money
  • You own your infrastructure, increasing your property’s value

Let customers get Cable company TV, select a video streaming service of their choice, or choose the DojoNetworks™ provided solution.  Cord cutting is accelerating, don’t fight it, empower your tenants with more choices.  With the DojoNetworks™ solution, your customers can make the right decision for their TV service.

Did you know that the FCC banned exclusive agreements in multi-dwelling units?  It’s true. Your local telecom cannot hold your property hostage if they are providing poor Internet service to your residents.  Download our white paper or contact us about options for your MDU property. 

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Big Rewards for Our Customers.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Our Solutions:


Fiber based, Super High speed with 24 hour live phone and email support.

Managed WiFi

Robust, full-coverage wireless network that completely covers your building or your campus.


Bandwidth utilization & trouble ticket reports.


TV designed for the way your residents watch TV.