MDU Fiber Internet Provider

Planning, Installation & Support

DojoNetworks™ installs fiber to your MDU to ensure fast and reliable internet connection. Fiber has the largest bandwidth available and can maintain higher speeds over longer distances than any other mediums. Before installing Fiber Internet to your MDU there are three basic options to keep in mind for your fiber internet.

We suggest installing fiber to each building and also to your telecom closets rather than to each unit. These fiber cables run to each telecom closet and we “home run” all Cat6 for each apartment back to the appropriate closet.  This allows for the best performance to tenants and the most value to property owners.

Each apartment unit has wired connection for their video and video gaming needs
Video is the largest user of bandwidth today so being able to give the residents a way to do this wired and wireless gives them the best possible experience
No active equipment or media panel necessary in each unit to facilitate their high speed broadband
All access points (APs) are powered remotely from the switches that sit in telecom rooms
Provides the most supportable and easy to maintain system with excellent service to each unit

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Fiber Installation At Your Property

At DojoNetworks™, we have implemented MDU Internet Services and Managed WiFi using all three choices for Fiber deployment.
Depending upon your needs, we can do any of the following in your buildings:

Fiber to Premises

Running Fiber to the MDU building or campus is the backbone of the property’s bulk internet service. We use fiber delivery to the property delivering up to 100Gb backbones depending on the size and bandwidth needs and budget of your MDU.  You can rely on Cat6 & Wireless connections to distribute your broadband from this fiber connection, however extending your fiber lines to your telecom closets offers the best long-term performance.

Fiber Between Risers or Telecom Closets

In our recommended solution, we will run fiber between risers aka telecom closets as needed for service optimization. This ensures that we have unlimited bandwidth capability and future upgradability between locations.  This ensures the maximum speed is delivered to each access point.  The telecom closets will distribute WiFi services to each apartment.

Fiber to Each Apartment Unit.

There are no consumer devices that connect direct to fiber, they still connect with Ethernet or via WiFi.  Running fiber to each unit would requires additional hardware in each unit that is cumbersome for tenants & owners.   For these reasons, we believe that running fiber to individual apartments only makes sense during new construction for future use.

Why Not Just Run Fiber to Every Apartment Unit?

If you deliver fiber to the apartment, you still need an ONT (Modem) in the unit that needs to plug into AC power

You will need an equipment cabinet in each apartment to convert from the fiber to ethernet
Expensive equipment adds something to break inside your residents unit, with no major benefit
No devices today connect directly to the internet via fiber. They still connect with Ethernet or WiFi
When you install an access point in an apartment, you need to power it somehow. You cannot power this over the fiber.

While it may make sense to run fiber to the unit for future use, it doesn’t make sense to do it today based on the technology currently being deployed.  For this reason, DojoNetworks™ only recommends this additional fiber expense in some special circumstances and usually only during new construction.

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